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Jonathan Samuel Eddie
Apollo Stories Fellows are a cohort of educators from across the country, nominated by their colleagues and peers. They craft the lessons, activities, and workshops for the site.
Between The World And Me
This lesson explores the historical context in which early HBCUs were established and the educational challenges Black people in America faced.
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Stories hold the power to transform perspectives and spark real change. Be the catalyst by leading thought-provoking discussions that enrich all of our perspectives of the world.
Pictures of the American Dream Hero
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HOW TO USE THESE LESSONS, WORKSHOPS, AND ACTIVITIES Cultivating spaces in which young people can speak to issues, tell their stories, and express their thoughts and ideas is at the core of Apollo Stories.
Between The World And Me
Students will be able to evaluate an excerpt from Between the World and Me that focuses on “The American Dream” and integrate their historical knowledge of United States policies to determine which policies may serve or have served as a hurdle in the way of achieving their American Dream.