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Between the World and Me: A Letter of Wisdom
A Letter of Wisdom
This lesson gives students an opportunity to write their own letter of wisdom to someone they choose.
Between The World And Me
A Tale in Meritocracy
This lesson is meant to have your students investigate the meaning of “The American Dream” and create a group manifesto for an “American Dream” written in their voices.
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About Us
Activate education with Apollo Stories, a digital learning and resource hub designed to engage educators and students with thought-provoking lessons, designed to ignite meaningful conversations on race, justice, culture, and identity.
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Between The World And Me
Our first project under this new initiative is Between the World and Me. Written in 2015 by author Ta-Nehisi Coates as a letter to his teenage son, Between the World and Me weaves some of the most pressing questions about America’s history and ideals with the most intimate concerns of a father for his son. The ideas presented by Coates in 2015 still resonate today.
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Clinnesha Sibley
Clinnesha Sibley
Clinnesha Sibley is an award-winning writer, published author, community advocate, and educator. A native of McComb, Mississippi, she has taught Playwriting and African-American theatre courses for the University of Arkansas and the College of Charleston.
Between The World And Me
Dear Body
This lesson explores the rules and limitations society puts on bodies based on race, particularly the Black body. This will engage students to think about the Black body as it relates to their own body.
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